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I thought that the subject ‘SafeArrays’ were really from the previous age and there was really nothing new about them, I could tell you , that was not already known. So sit back and listen, what I am going to tell you, has been decided, in Read More...
Active Directory and ADSI (ldap in fact) have many unutilized features that, if the APIs would explain better be used much better! Let me draw a situation for you. Imagine you have an app, that is distributed and sold among international customers (congrats Read More...
Each self-respecting programmer and software team uses logging features. In my current job on ASP.NET, each click, every navigation and message is logged. Very handy indeed because you would like to support your customers. For a classic C++ project this Read More...
You don't need to if you thought so :) use CString only to get the best of string manipulation within the C++ environment in a mixed COM environment. This CComBSTR replacement offers the most you need without having to cast strings forward and backward and loose performance. Expect your multithreaded and SMP performance to improve while still using native BSTR variable storage.
Posted Tuesday, July 25, 2006 1:20 PM from eprogrammer | 0 Comments
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