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  • How to convert WCF REST services to Web API 2 (ASP.NET)

    &#160; Why convert WCF REST services anyway? First: WCF REST processes JSON using (by default) the DataContractJsonSerializer, while Web API 2 (by default) uses NewtonSoft JSON, which today is the best choice. Secondly: WCF more or less runs in ASP.NET context, using a HttpContext hack plus routing to a WCF service is much more complex ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on December 19, 2014
  • The Ultimate T-SQL String Splitter (function)

    &#160; I just want to share this function, since there are a lot of version around, which are not resistant against zero positions advance, for instance, if you split 1,2,3 into a table, it would be find, but what if one element is empty, such as 1,,3? This function deals with it setting returning a null element. Usage: SELECT * FROM ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on August 28, 2014
  • How to read a HTML page from a remote site using VBA/.NET into a Htmlocument

    &nbsp; There are a lot of ways to read and parse HTML, the better tricks, don&rsquo;t use IE itself, since this will deliver automation errors and waste memory. I&rsquo;m for 99% of my time into .NET programming, but still, one of my hobbies use an Access 2013 database and thus, a VBA codebase, yummy! And to get powerfeatures, I compiled a tlb ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on July 11, 2014
  • T-SQL Alternative to hexadecimal binary strings?

    I found an easy way to have binary parameters as base64 encoded string. You might wonder, why bother? Well, in a a well used environment, size and compactness of data over the wire, still matters! Because&nbsp;a binary value is sent as a hexadecimal over the wire; Hexadecimals are 4 times the size of one byte. Base64 encoded ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on February 12, 2014
  • SiteMaps made easy

    &#160; If youre a site admin or developer for an internet site, you certainly need to look into sitemaps, if you want to perform SEO. Its not necessary to&#160; simply crawl your own site and then to give every page a priority, but consider this for a forum or other pages which are irregularly or often updated. If you dont want to ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on January 31, 2010
  • Howto: Create a custom numeric pager for the ASP.NET Gridview Control

    Figure 1: Our custom pager in action! I never have liked the concept of storing all the data in whatever form (DataTable/Lists of records/etc.) to the ASP.NET gridview control and having it automatically manage paging for me. This could however be improved using Visual Studio 2008 wizards. However, this requires writing stored ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on October 28, 2009
  • Howto: Check the case sensitive existence of a file

    Sometimes, especially for files running on external FTP servers, where file names are case sensitive, a file named myFILE.html, is not the same file as myfile.html in the same path! This function, can be used on an NTFS path for that purpose where File.Exists would fail, because it is case insensitive. (However, it does not enable you to have two ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on July 6, 2009
  • Howto: Properly use the AccessCheck API for the current user

    I&#39;ve seen&nbsp;people pulling the hair out for not getting this API&nbsp;workign for them.The API, even if impersonating&nbsp;the current user, returns error 1309.&nbsp;&quot;An attempt has been made to operate on an impersonation token by a thread that is not currently impersonating a client.&quot;The clue is that this API, (and this is not ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on June 18, 2009
  • Fill a dropdownlist using the current UICulture in (ASP.NET)

    Just for educational purpose (as for myself as well :) ) I post this code.Using this,&nbsp;a programmer can use a good practise, that is&nbsp;to use the culture information which&nbsp;is built in, into .NET instead of making that data him/herself.based upon the&nbsp;following element in&nbsp;web.Config, the list will fill&nbsp;using the correct ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on June 18, 2009
  • Performance and the future of LINQ expressions

    I was wondering if writing well known C# (or VB.NET if you wish) code flow statements, such as for .. and foreach etc. are faster or slower compared to a generic expression. The results are refreshing&nbsp; . At least using this simple array iteration. Array Iterations on millions of elements, of course, are not the the real life CPU eaters for ...
    Posted to Egbert Nierop technolog (Weblog) by eprogrammer on June 18, 2009
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